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List of Exercises for rotation

Is about upper and lower body steering as well as spinning.

Lower Body Steering

- Bow Tie

   without board turn the whole leg to create a bow tie shape with your boot in the snow

   show difference between a straight and a flexed knee

   with board on: step on board

   behind the board heelside edge

   in front of the board toeside edge

- J Turn 1 or 2 footed

- Garland focus on steering the board out off the falline with front knee steering

- Point front knee where you want to go

   Outlining the nose of the board with front knee

   Torch on front knee

   Gun on front knee

   Laser on front knee

   Front leg as joystick

- Hands on knee especially heelside turns

- Dwarf turns

   to show clients, how much more powerful a flexed knee is compared to an

   extended (giant turn)


Upper Body Rotation

- Point where you want to go

- Look where you want to go

- Water Bucket

- Drawing an 8

- Hands on Jacket (Also good to stop or feel their counter rotation, but first give them the tool for steering)

   Hands on Pants

   Hands behind the back (Toe side turn)

   front hand in front and back hand behind the back (Heel side turn)

   front hand behind the back and back hand in front (Toe side turn)

- Giant Turns

   to show clients, that a tall position might cause them to use upper body rotation

- Dwarf turns

   work with upper body rotation begin with and then bring in lower body steering

- J Turn 1 or 2 footed more powerful less precise

- Powder Turns (turns in powder)

   Slush Turns (similar to powder but for Slush)

   upper body rotation a good tool to add more power to the steering in a turn


Counter Rotation

- Hockey Stop / Quick Stop

- Scissor Slipping

- Shifty Airs

   stationary / in motion

- Shifty Flatland

   stationary / not recommended while in motion due to catching an edge


- Nose and Tail Turns

   stationary / in motion

- Butters

   stationary / in motion

- for hop or jump 180° / 360° / 540° etc

   stationary / in motion


Centered Pivot

- Scissor Slipping

- Pivot Slips

   with focus on aligned board and body

- Pivot Slips

   with focus on anticipation

- Flat Land 360°

Separation & Anticipation

- Boardslides


   in motion

- using your gloves how anticipation works

   (spine/core is the glove which stores energy like a spring)

- Front hand pointing down the hill

- Pivot Slips

- Short Turns

   very skidded almost like a pivot slip



Turn Shape

- Dead Stop Turns

- Back up Turns

  Jigsaw Turns

- Funnel

  Tornado Turns

  Hourglass Turns

- Closed Turns

   for speed control

- Open Turns

   to gain speed on flatter terrain

Rhythm and Flow

- Counting

- Follow the Leader

- Funnel

  Tornado Turns

- Powder 8 Turns

  Team up and try to create an 8 with your tracks

One vs the other

- Upper Body vs Lower Body

- Counter Rotation vs Rotation

- Anticipation v. Aligned

- Dwarf vs Giant

- Open vs Closed Turns

Other ways to Turn

- Back foot kick

   fun for spray turns in powder and slush but also tiring and inefficient

- Counter rotation turns

   good for quick stops / hockey stops

   tiring not good for rhythm and flow

   can be stressful on the body and can cause back ache

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