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Versatility Tasks

List of exercises for combinations of different movements

Is about blending movements together to create exercises/tasks for high level riders.


- Edge change hopped / jumped

- Dolphin Turns

- Shark Turns (nollie and landing on the tail)

- One Dolphin Turn one Shark Turn

- Toe to Toe Turns

- Heel to Heel Turns

- Flatland 360° in Bumps

- Loose Bindings

- Loose Boots

- Loose Bindings and Boots

- No Highbacks

- Shark vs Jellyfish

- GS (medium to large) Turns in Bumps / Moguls

- Zipper Line Bumps / Moguls

- Raceboard Stance / Forward Stance

- Make up your own

             either by putting some movement options / tasks to paper 

             then pick two papers and put them to the test

             ad more movements and tasks to the mix to create combos

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