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Warm Up

List of warm up exercises

Is about warming up before riding or while riding including games and stories.


- Dynamic stretching before snowboarding

   simply not holding your stretch for 15-30 seconds but constantly moving

- Mirror your Instructor or Partner

- Surf Camp

   a story to warm up

   waking up in a bungalow by the beach turning off the alarm clock 

   yawning and stretching of the body

   looking out the window and looking for the surfboard (snowboard)

   walking to the beach and start to paddle out and trying to catch a wave

   and standing on the board

- Balance Game

   in pairs and snowboard stance, front foot to front foot

   then trying to push each other over

   Winner is the person who didn’t move the leg

- Boardercross Race

   just on the flat and not moving either with or without the board strapped on

   3, 2, 1, go 

   rollers are an ollie, jump a two footed hopp, 

   toe side turn balancing on the ball of your foot, heelside turn balancing on the heels,

   tuck, etc...

- Hipp Hopp

   standing in a circle facing towards the group while holding the snowboard

   the command hipp means everyone moves to the left but leaving the board in place,

   hopp means the same to the right, hipp hipp means twice to the left

- Team Bench

   making a circle with 5 or more people with either all left/right hands pointing

   to the middle, once the circle is really small try to sit on each others lap

- Relay Race

- Game of Tag

- Passing a Ball / Beanie / Scarf

- Show me a move / a trick / a stretch 

Warm Up while Riding



Only use exercises you feel comfortable with for warm up and slowly ease yourself in


- Hopping while riding (if your comfortable then try hopping throughout the turn)

- Shuffling while riding (if your comfortable then try shuffling throughout the turn)

- small vs. TALL

- Upper Body rotation 

- Counter rotation 

- Front Knee steering

- Scissor Slips

- Pivot Slips

- Loose Bindings

- Range of Movements

- Feel the snow and get used to today's snow and weather conditions

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