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Snowboard Trainer 

Exercises for your lesson

It is a simple list of exercises split in categories


You as an instructor will need to know the exercises on this app because they do not come with a how to teach section.

Just click on the logo to read the list of exercises.

vertical movement

List of exercises for vertical movements

Is about flexing and extending which results in pressure control, managing pressure as well as increasing decreasing pressure.

rotational movement

List of exercises for rotation

Is about upper and lower body steering as well as spinning.

lateral movement

List of exercises for lateral movements

Is about moving across the board to create tilt and twist.

longitudinal movement

List of exercises for longitudinal movements

Is about moving fore as well as create or release pressure on certain part of the board.

versatility task

List of Versatility Tasks

Is about blending movements together to create exercises/tasks for high level riders.

team exercises

Team exercises

Is about having fun as a team an learn from each other.

warm up

Warm Up

Is about warming up before riding or while riding including games and stories.

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How to use Snowboard Trainer

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Björn alias Swissy

To download this Info


Either select the pdf file, the google document or the android app

a list of snowboard exercises for you to teach
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