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Snowsport Instructor with federal certificat

in search of the perfect endless winter

Switzerland +41 78 685 24 82 & WhatsAppörn-aeschlimann-72380a83



Work History

Thredbo Snow Sports School


Ski and Snowboard Instructor

Schweizer Skischule Diemtigtal

2021- 2022

Ski and Snowboard Instructor at Wiriehorn

with option at Grimmialp and Springebode

NZSKI Coronet Peak

2017 - 2018

Snowboard Instructor

The best view of Queenstown the action sport capital

of the world.

Where I can show and teach you how to be save, 

​less tired, more skilled than ever before.

Suvretta Sports

2013 - 2017

Snowsport Instructor

Swiss Snowsports Fastest Team Suvretta Team 3 2015

Supported me on my Swiss Snow Pro mission also know as the Patent


NBS Niseko Base Snowsport

2010 - 2013

2017 - 2020

2022 - present

Snowsport Instructor

Powder Guide

Personal Shuttle Driver


Platinum Pro

Where passion meets powder

RAL Turoa Snowsport


Snowsport Instructor

Bringing a good vibe to a crowded mountain

Treblecone Snowsport

2007 - 2013

Snowsport Instructor

Training our Snowboard Instructor to further their career


Schweizer Schneesportschule Wengen

2008 - 2010

Snowsport Instructor

The home of the Lauberhorn Downhill Race

1. Schweizer Schneesportschule Samnaun

2007 - 2008

Snowsport Instructor

Where Austria meets Switzerland

Keystone Ski & Ride School

2004 - 2007

Snowboard Instructor

This is the ski school who gave me the opportunity to teach my first lesson,

to progres as a snowboarder and instructor

and when the times where tough gave me the opportunity to train towards my level 1 ski.





2004 -present

Stage 1  new Level 2 Snowboard 2004

Stage 2 new Level 3 Snowboard 2008

Level 3 Ski 2011

Kids Cert 2012

Failed Trainers Exam 2013 / 2018


2006 - 2007

Cert 1 Ski 2006

Cert 2 Ski 2007

Swiss Snowsport

2011 - 2014

Schneesportlehrer mit eig. Fachausweis

Also known as The Swiss Patent or Swiss Snow Pro.

Instruktorenkurs (IK) Snowboard 2012

Varianten und Touren 2014

Tourismus und Recht 2014

SBIF 2014 (Schneesportlehrer mit eidgenössischem Fachausweis)

Schweizer Samariterbund



new name First Aid Level 1 IVR

including BLS-AED-SRC


People Skills

I simply love working with people

The work for the Burton Chill and the Helfetia program opened my eyes, how hard life could be in our world and made me proud to give them a little sunshine into their day to day struggles


First Aid

I passed all my first aid courses from the one in the army or the driving test, but my Samaritian exam was the worthiest of all



My english is fluent and it became my thinking language, only my grammar isn't where I want it to be



Swiss German is my mother tongue and German was the first language I learned in School

Schneesportlehrer mit eidgenössischem Fachausweis, Swiss Snowsports, Patent
SBINZ Stage 2, full cert, fully qualified, new SBINZ Level 3
NZSIA Level 3, full cert, fully qualified

Work History

Garage Hürzeler AG in Thun Switzerland

2003 - 2004

Salesman for car parts


Adecco Human Resources Thun Switzerland

2005 - present

Induserv Thun Switzerland

2015 - present

Temporary work during my off-seasons

Cleaning Service Worker, Tent Construction, Promotion,

Production line work for tubes and solarpanels, warehouse work, stockist and more


Autohaus Thun Nord AG Switzerland

2015 / 2016

September, October, November

All-rounder, Car Cleaning Specialist


EGGER Bauunternehmung AG in Frutigen Switzerland

2015 June



Parkhotel Gunten

2015 March, Mai



Kern AG, Konolfingen Switzerland


July, August, September



Autohaus Thun -  Nord

1999 - 2002

Apprenticeship in retail

Specialist for auto parts and logistics

Detailhandelsfachmann EFZ
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